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Our Story

Not to brag but…

We’ve got a pretty great thing going. Our passion to make the lives of employees everywhere easier. A culture filled with blue couches, dart boards, and ice cream socials gets the creative juices flowing, as we come up with new and innovative ways to demystify employee perks.

The Deal Find Team

  • Jigar Doshi

    Founder & CEO

  • Amit Shah

    Managing Director;Founder

  • Vishal Rathod


  • Janki Ashar

    Project Manager

  • Hemangi Solanki

    Head of Business Development

  • Abhishekh Tiwari

    Head of Web Developer

  • Deepali Verma

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Vimal Sheth

    Accounting Manager

  • Uttpreksha Bhosle

    Web Developer

  • Mrunali Ghanvat

    Web Developer

  • Hema Raut

    Web Developer

  • Mugdha Vaidya

    Digital Marketing Manager

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